Fix Winsock Error 10048 In Windows

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Published: 19th January 2011
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How to fix "080070245 Error" While Downloading Updates in Windows Vista?

One of the serious issues encountered while downloading Windows Update for a computer installed with Windows Vista Operating System is the 080070245 error. 080070245 error normally appears as "STOP 080070245 ERROR_ILLEGAL-CHARACTER". The causes and the ways to fix this particular problem associated with the Windows Vista computers are given below.

* Cause for 080070245 error.

* How to fix 080070245 error while downloading updates in windows vista?

* Additional info.

Cause for 080070245 error

This error will occur if the GlobalInstallOrder.xml file of your computer is corrupted or deleted.

How to fix 080070245 error while downloading updates in windows vista?

The only way to solve this error is to replace the existing GlobalInstallOrder.xml file with a new one. Install the Windows Automated Installer Kit (Windows AIK) and obtain the Windows Imaging Format (WIM). The steps to obtain WIM are shown here. Click "Start, All Programs, Microsoft Windows AIK". After opening Windows AIK, right click on the "Windows PE Tools Command Prompt" and then you will have to click the option of "Run as Administrator". Type the following text in the command prompt,

"MD c:\Mount" and press enter. This step is done to create a folder named "Mount". Insert the Windows Vista Installation Media CD into the CD/DVD drive. The next step is to type in this message, "Imagex /mountDVDDriveLetter\sources\install.wim 1 \mount". After this step, you will have to type in, "CD\mount\Windows\winsxs\x86_microsoft-windows-servicingstack_31bf3856ad364e35_6.0.6000.16386_none_07289f4cca5f6990" and then press Enter. The procedure is nearly over. All you have to do now is to type in another small text in the command prompt, "xcopy GlobalInstallOrder.xml %windir%\winsxs\x86_microsoft-windows-servicingstack_31bf3856ad364e35_6.0.6000.16386_none_07289f4cca5f6990" and press enter. This step ensures that the new GlobalInstallOrder.xml file is copied to the destination folder in your system via the Windows WIM. Start downloading the Windows Update after this to ensure that the new GlobalInstallOrder.xml file is not corrupted as well.

Additional info

Once you click the "Run as Administrator" option in the Windows PE Tools Command Prompt, there may be occasions when the computer asks the user for a password. Give the correct password and continue the subsequent processes mentioned above. In addition to this, the user will have to make sure that the complete ownership of the Vista files in your computer is with you. The procedure for taking ownership is given as, "C:\Windows\WinSxS\ (your administrator account. Finish all the subsequent processes and steps that follow which are user friendly until you get the complete ownership. Thus you have eliminated all possible hindrances while fixing the 080070245 error.

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